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Sexy Chocolate

These are for a “Sugar High Friday” event that isn’t happening for eight days yet, but they were so sexy I felt like I needed to share them with you all to help get those juices flowing.Mexican Truffles #1

Mexican Chocolate 3

Mexican Truffles 2


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Mystery Ingredient: Sweet Limes

Sweet Limes 1

When I was in pre-school and kindergarten, my mom was “Chef Combo.” Once a month, she would come to my class and the “Chef” (a puppet) would introduce our class to basics of nutrition and new foods. This was always fun for all of my classmates, and as a result it made me very popular.

That early experience is part of what feeds my adventurous spirit with food even today. I will try anything, and like nothing better than discovering new ingredients. In fact, if you give me an ethnic market (of any ethnicity) I will inevitably emerge with new treasures for my kitchen.

Today’s find actually comes from my local grocery store, which stocks a very fine selection of produce. When things come into season, they will bring in fruits and vegetables that they don’t normally stock. This week they had bags of “Sweet Limes” for 99 cents a bag. I had never seen or heard of a sweet lime, but their delightful roundness and lovely pale yellow color with just a blush of green drew my attention. Plus, at that price I would buy just about anything.

As soon as I got home I called my husband into the kitchen.

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