A Challenge


Are you ready to see my underwear?

Just kidding, I would never be that cruel.

Sam, at Becks & Posh has issued a challenge. Photograph everything you eat for a week, beginning Monday, November 20th through when you go to bed on Sunday, November 27th. That’s right folks, rhis time period spans Thanksgiving weekend.

I have to admit that I jumped at the chance before I thought through the awkwardness of explaining to my family that I am taking pictures of absolutely everything I eat. But more, I feel a mild sense of embarrassment over the idea showing everyone in the world exactly what it is I eat. While extremely healthy, my eating habits are a bit odd. How odd? Well, if you want to know that, you will have to come back Monday the 28th for the big reveal.

In the meanwhile, I just try to reassure myself that I have not agreed to photograph the inside of my refrigerator or kitchen cupboards. That would be truly horrifying.

Tea, of Tea and Cookies did a great write-up of the event at The Grinder over at Chow.com.

Are you up for the challenge? Just looking forward to peering into the dark underbelly of my life? Fellow exhibitionists and dirty voyeurs, here is something to distract you. Warning, if you are a diehard foodie it is really, really hot.


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